Gambling Words and Expressions in Sports Betting

There are many gambling terms and expressions in the sports betting world. One example is the term “over/under,” which is the sum of the points scored by each team at the end of a game. It is calculated by analyzing past statistics and predicting future outcomes. Other gambling terms include “equity,” which refers to good odds, and “vig,” which refers to the commission the casino or sportsbook takes for accepting your bet.


Gambling phrases and idioms have become part of everyday speech and can describe all sorts of situations related to the game. Some are short, humorous, or can be used to describe many different games and situations. Idioms about luck are very common and can fit many situations. You might want to incorporate these into your own speech to sound more confident when playing.

Another gambling expression is “crimp,” which refers to the intentional bend on a card’s corner for easier identification. Another example of gambling slang is “D’Alembert System,” which refers to a strategy in which players make bets based on the point spread, but accept worse odds when they win. In hockey, another gambling term is “chalk,” which refers to a betting strategy combining the money line and point spread. In a chalk game, a player will bet on the favorite and avoid the underdog.

Some of the most common gambling slang was invented in Reno, Nevada, and other major gaming destinations. For example, many players are known to go “down the felt” when they are losing. Others are referred to as “no dice” because they refuse to accept the zero probability of success.

Play Your Cards Right was a popular television show in the 1990s, hosted by Bruce Forsyth. The phrase originated in the 17th century and refers to a positive outcome generated by strategic behavior. The phrase has become a universal expression for any kind of card game. It’s still commonly used today.

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