How to Make the Most of SharkScope Poker

With the help of a SharkScope hand tracking software, you can create a schedule of your poker playing sessions. You can easily find out how many opponents you are likely to face and what their general style of play is. You can even use a post-it over their hole cards to find out the kind of hands they are likely to get. You can also see a player’s average hit percentage, which can give you a clear idea of their poker style.


To make the most of SharkScope poker, you need to analyze the different parameters of the software. Pay special attention to the average number of games played by each player. This will allow you to determine their overall skill level and decide if you’re a beginner or a professional. Many players are successful at low stakes but struggle at higher levels. You can also use Sharkscope to analyze the tendencies of individual players. This is especially helpful in multi-table tournaments.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to show your opponents’ profiles on Sharkscope. By default, you’ll see their profiles and a brief summary of their play. However, you won’t see their profiles if they’ve opted out of the software. This is not necessarily a problem, as you can adjust the currency settings for all players. If you want to get more specific, you can always write down a note about your opponent to see how he played and if it would be advantageous to play that way.

You can also view other players’ Sharkscope results. This will help you identify bad players. By using the Sharkscope to look at other players’ Sharkscope results, you can find out if they’re capable of winning in the long run. While this can be beneficial for some players, it can also have negative consequences for others. Nonetheless, if you’re a good player, you should be willing to let the bad players be bad.

In addition to displaying statistics, Sharkscope allows you to optimize the time frame you play and the number of tournaments you enter. It also allows you to manipulate the results, giving you a clear idea of what your opponents are doing. While it’s recommended to use free searches to learn more about the competition, you should consider purchasing extra searches if you’re serious about playing poker. If you have the money, Sharkscope is a worthwhile investment.

The ability value is calculated using a complex algorithm. Players with an Ability value of 45-55 are considered largely fishy, while players with a score of 70-80 are considered solid players. As long as you have an average buy-in of less than $100, you’ll have a better chance of earning a positive ROI in poker. The difficulty level for a player to reach a positive ROI increases as they increase in skill level.

Another benefit of using SharkScope is that it lets you set the number of games your opponents play. You can also filter the results by choosing a particular time period and date range for the results. It’s possible to pick a specific number of tournaments to view in a day. Using this information, you can join the best 20 players in your mtt lobby, and increase your odds of winning the game. But how many of these games do you actually play?