How to Make the Most of SharkScope Poker

You can set up a poker game session schedule using the SharkScope hand tracking software. It tells you how many opponents you will face on average and what their overall play style is. You can put a post-it over your opponent’s hole cards to see what sort of hands they are generally getting. And with the help of a player’s average hit percentage, it gives an idea of ​​what kind of poker style the player has.


To make good use of SharkScope poker, analyze different parameters within the software. Above all, pay attention to the average number of games played by each player. This indicates how many games they have played in total and suggests if they are beginners or pros. There are many players who enjoy low stakes but cannot keep up at higher levels, so be sure to check for those inconsistencies. Additionally, you can use Sharkscope to see which methods individual players prefer when playing multi-table tournaments.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you might not want to show your own profile on Sharkscope Poker against your opponents. By default, this setting shows everyone your profile as well as a brief summary about how you play poker when they search your name. If you don’t want this information available to others because it may give them an upper hand on you, then go ahead and opt out from sharing your profile information before they find it out themselves! Some players would say that this could be disadvantageous for other reasons as well due privacy concerns.

While some players don’t like their results shown in sharkscope against other players due to tilt concerns (and abuse). You’re willingly giving away “easy prey” for your opponents by allowing them access into their results history so let them be bad and greedy! Unless it bothers them too much and they start making irrational decisions.

Sharkscope will also display statistics about other players at the table which can help identify bad players. By looking at the results in sharkscope against other players, we can figure out if they are winning players long-term. While this gives you additional information about who you’re playing against, it might just be unnecessary and over the top for some people. In any case, if you want to keep an eye on your competition, then know that it’s a sensitive topic.

In addition to displaying stats, Sharkscope allows us to optimize our time frame and volume of tournaments. This is extremely valuable as you cannot manage what you don’t measure. It also allows us to manipulate results so we can see exactly what our opponents are doing which helps with strategy development.

Once again, I highly recommend using free searches to find more about the competition but it will be necessary to buy extra searches once we get serious about poker. So make sure to have extra funds if you want to use Sharkscope seriously.

The ability value is calculated through a complex algorithm designed by SharkScope that uses multiple calculations in order to determine how good or bad a player is at poker. For example players with a 45-55 Ability value are considered fishy whereas players with 70-80 score could be considered solid. As long as your average buy-in is below $100 there is no reason why anyone should not earn a positive ROI in Poker. However the skill level needed from player’s end in order for them to reach positive ROI increases as they become better poker players.

SharkScope allows you to set the number of games your opponents play. You can also filter by a specific time period and date range. And, pick a certain number of tournaments (e.g 20) on a daily basis. But who plays how many games?