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Michigan Rummy is probably the most popular of the rummy card games. It is a mixture of rummy game and poker. The sequential hand layout of rummy and the chips of poker. The game aims to be the first player to lower all cards. The game is played between 2–8 players but the ideal and most common is of 3-5 players.


Many players prefer this card game and even find it more challenging than some poker alternatives. This may be obvious as it also includes a poker phase. Players must pit their best poker hands against each other at the end of the game to determine who walks away with the poker pool.

The game deals with hands that are made up of three parts.

The hearts
Michigan Rummy

Each phase of the Michigan Rummy board game is played automatically when all cards have been dealt or there are no further suits to continue a sequence. Cards are then dealt and the game moves into a new phase. Depending on the type of Michigan Rummy, players may payout at the beginning or during the Michigan phase.

Although it is unclear when the game was invented, many references exist to the 1940 original Hearts game. It has been labeled by many titles including 500 rum, also called Pinochle Rummy, Michigan Rummy, Persian Rummy, Rummy 500, or 500 Rummy, which is a popular variant of rummy.

Some titles have been used for marketing and commercial purposes. Principal titles are Rummoli and Tripoley. Some people confuse Tripoley with Rummy Royal. However, there are huge differences for example, Tripoley does not have the “Play the Corner” game.

Why Is it Called Michigan Rummy?

No one is exactly sure how it became called Michigan. Most people believed that it was based on British travelers in 1940 who were quite confused by the ‘weird game’. Some say that they learned the game during a game in Michigan.

Rummy for weird and Michigan for the place where they learned it. Thus weird Michigan game – Michigan Rummy.

How to play Michigan Rummy?

To play the game the following accessories are necessary

  • A deck of playing cards
  • A 14” game board
  • 96 colored poker chips

Setup: Before starting a game, each player must place one colored chip into each of the nine compartments on the game board. Seven of the compartments are labeled with a special card. When that card is played during the game, the holder of the card wins the corresponding chips.

The dealer does not place chips in the eight compartments or the center.

Deal: At the start of the game, a dealer distributes an entire card deck, starting from his left.

The dealer deals an additional hand, or dummy hand which is distributed at the end of the game. They have the right to use the dummy hand, or a player may buy the extra hand.

Playing: In Michigan Rummy, the cards are played by suit. The player in turn plays the lowest card in his hand. The game continues to the next card in the suite. For example, if the 3 of Spades is played, the player with the 4 of Spades plays next. This is done without order of seating, and depends on the card, playing in sequence until no plays are left.

New Suit: The game continues by selecting a new suit. The aim of the game is to dump all cards and at the same time, collect bonus chips.

The game’s object is to win chips by playing one of the four cards in the middle, or by being the first player to get rid of all the cards in hand. Players also try to arm the best poker hands.

If no one wins the chips in the center compartment, they are passed over to the next game. The first player who discards all his card wins the chips in the center compartment and the player with the best poker hands wins the money in the poker pool.

What are the rules for playing Michigan Rummy?

Michigan has several playing rules that govern how the game is played. Each phase of the game is managed by a different set of rules Here are a few general rules

Starting the Game Play

At the beginning of the game, a single card is dealt to each player. The player with the highest hand becomes the dealer. Subsequent games then move to the next player at his left.

When starting a new sequence the player may choose any suit but must select the lowest card in his hand.

At the end of each sequence, the player who made the last play will start the new sequence. He must discard the lowest card in the suit that he chooses.

Money Cards

In order to claim a money card a player must have discarded his card in the correct sequence.

Other Michigan Rummy rules deal with penalties. Some players may choose not to follow rules if it may prove highly beneficial to another player. One of these rules for Michigan Rummy demand that players discard the low card in a suit.

Should a player play another card, he must pay one chip to each player.

What Is the Difference Between Rummoli and Michigan Rummy?

There are not many differences between the different game formats. Both Rummoli and Michigan have three phases in each hand. However, the major difference is with how the cards are scored.

In Rummoli, the face cards (A-K-Q-J-10) are based on this order Spades-Hearts-Clubs-Diamonds-Spades. The payouts are done during the Michigan Phase

While in Michigan, they are built on Hearts. Players are paid for each card during the game.

You can start learning how to play Michigan Rummy online. There are many casinos and gaming platforms that offer this game. You can always practice for free at first by joining an online social game board. Optionally, you can locate a Michigan Rummy group in your community or close by.

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