A Guide to the Game of Craps

Craps is a simple game that relies on luck. However, there are some things you should know to improve your odds and increase your winnings.


One of the best strategies is to stick to a betting plan. This will help you avoid making risky bets that will lose you money in the long run.

Pass line bet

A pass line bet is the most common and easiest way to place a wager in the game of craps. It is one of the most popular choices among both novices and experienced players, and it can be an exciting and lucrative way to win in a casino.

There are many different rules and strategies that can be used to increase your chances of winning in this fun and fast-paced game. However, before you get started, it’s important to understand the basic rules of the game and what you should and shouldn’t do when playing.

The first roll of the dice at the start of a game is called a come-out roll. When the dice are rolled, 7, 11, and craps numbers are wins, while 2, 3, and 12 are losses.

Craps numbers that are not thrown on a come-out roll are called points. When a point is established, the game moves to the next round and the dice are rerolled. If the dice roll 7 before a point is established, this is called seven-out and bettors who have placed their chips on the Pass Line lose.

Once a point is established, bettors can add odds to their Pass Line bets. This allows them to multiply their wagers to get a larger payoff.

Some casinos offer double odds for their Pass Line bets, which is a great way to increase your payouts and reduce the house edge on the game. When you place a $5 odds bet, you’ll get $6 in return when the shooter makes their point.

If you don’t want to add double odds to your Pass Line bet, there are also other options. Most casinos allow you to take odds on the 6 or 8 with a minimum bet of $5. You can even multiply this bet to get a larger payoff when the shooter makes their point.

Another option is to make a combination of the Pass Line bet with Place bets that cover all numbers except the 7. This allows you to put more money in play and increases your chance of winning.

Come bet

The come bet is one of the most popular types of bets at the craps table. It’s a multiple-roll bet and a great way to diversify your playing experience. It’s also a good option for beginners as it is easy to understand and won’t require much skill.

In this bet, you wager that the shooter will roll a certain number before they throw a seven. If you are right, your bet wins even money. However, if you are wrong, your bet loses.

You can make a come bet at any time during the game, but you must not remove your chips from the layout until your bet has been resolved. The dealer will place your chips into the appropriate box corresponding to your bet’s point.

There are several strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning a come bet. Some of them include betting on the lowest house advantage, taking odds bets and combining come and pass bets.

Another strategy involves placing Come bets with max odds until three separate points are established. When you have reached this point, you can then place standard wagers with max odds on each of the three numbers.

This is a popular system among players and has a low house edge of 1.41%. In addition, it allows you to diversify your betting pattern and makes the game more exciting.

You can also place a come bet on any number and get paid even money if the shooter rolls that number before they roll a 7. However, this strategy is less profitable than others as you will not win much more often.

If you are new to the game of craps, it’s a good idea to try out this strategy on a small bankroll before committing to a large amount of cash. It will help you understand the rules of the game and ensure that you have a good gambling plan in place.

The odds bet is a popular way to play and is a great way to decrease the house edge on your initial Come bet. If you want to place odds bets on the come out roll, you should verbally tell the dealer that you want to take odds. Once you have done this, the dealer will place the odds bet on top of your Come bet. The chips will be slightly off center so that they can be distinguished from your original bet.

Don’t pass bet

The don’t pass bet is a type of craps bet that is played opposite the pass line bet. When you place a don’t pass bet, you are betting that the shooter won’t roll a 7 before rolling another number, which is called the point. The odds for this bet are equal to the odds for a pass line bet, but it has a higher house edge.

Unlike a pass line bet, the don’t pass bet has no contract. Players can take down or reduce the don’t pass bet at any time, but it is not always possible to increase the odds because the odds of rolling a 7 before the point are in the player’s favor.

If you want to play the don’t pass bet, it is best to start with a table minimum bet. Once the point is established, you can then lay odds on the number. You will win even money if the number is rolled again, and you will win true odds on a roll of 7.

Don’t pass bets can also be laid behind a point bet to cover a weakness in the original don’t pass bet. This is because once a point is established, the most frequently rolled number, 7, is a loser. The odds of a 7 before a 6 are 6-5, and a 7 before a 8 is 3-2.

This is why many players choose to lay odds on their don’t pass bets. It is a great way to improve your odds, and you won’t pay any commission on this bet.

It is also a good strategy to follow up your don’t pass bet with a don’t come bet. The combination of a don’t pass bet and a don’t come bet will give you the best odds at the casino.

However, it is important to remember that a don’t pass bet can have a negative impact on your bankroll. It is a good idea to set a modest win goal before playing the game and to leave the table if your goals are not met.

Craps is a social and superstitious game, so it is important to practice good etiquette. There are a variety of informal rules that players may expect or demand from each other, such as avoiding bluffing and leaving the table when they have won.


Craps is a dice game that requires skill and strategy. However, it’s also a game that’s highly dependent on luck. If you’re not careful, you can lose your entire bankroll in a single roll.

To make sure that you’re not losing more than you’re winning, it’s important to understand odds and how they affect your chances of winning the game. It’s also important to know how to play the game properly so that you can minimize the house edge.

The first thing you need to know about craps odds is that they are a combination of true odds and the house edge. The house edge is a mathematically designed structure that works to benefit the casino over the long term.

It’s important to remember that there are many different bets available at the table, and that each of them has a different payout. This means that you can try to find the best bet for your budget and your goals.

One of the most popular bets in craps is the number bet. These bets pay out a large sum of money if the shooter rolls a certain number on the come-out roll. The odds on these bets are not high, but they do offer a higher payout than most other bets in the game.

Another popular bet in craps is the pass line bet. This bet pays out at a rate of one to one, and it’s the only bet in the game that has no house edge.

In addition to the Pass and Don’t Pass bets, there are other bets that you can place in the game of craps. These include the Come and Don’t Come bets, as well as the Odds bet.

The odds on these bets are also not high, but they do offer a larger payout than many other bets in the game of craps. These bets can be made with a minimum of two units and are a great way to build up a bankroll quickly.

If you’re a newbie to the game of craps, it’s a good idea to start with the Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets. These bets have a very low house edge and are easy to understand. Once you’ve mastered these bets, you can move on to the other bets in the game.

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