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Ignition Poker Australia was founded in 2016 by Lynton Limited and is licensed and regulated by the Curaçao government. The company is registered as Ignition Casino, one of the most reputable online casinos. Players can play from anywhere in the world where gambling is allowed and there is access to online gaming.


The casino has fewer games than most wagering sites, just over 200 games. Yet, surprisingly, it is one of the most trafficked online gambling websites. This may be the result of its ongoing bonus programs, which add perks for each deposit.

Ignition Poker Australia has one of the most advanced poker gaming Apps. This poker App allows any smartphone user to play poker without the need to download any software. Members can log in to their betting accounts and enjoy their favorite poker games from the online console. Here are some benefits that they share:

  • No load necessary to play on mobile devices
  • Automatic table change after each fold.
  • Daily tournaments 
  • Large flow of international players

Is Ignition Poker Legal in Australia?

Ignition Poker Australia operates legally in Australia and the United States. All other countries can play but do not require additional licenses. In 2008 -9, the United States banned online gambling for all of its states except Nevada.  However, years later, many states have now legalized online gambling.

In 2022, the US Senate dismissed the former anti-gambling laws, paving the way for companies like Ignition Poker Australia, to legally offer their services to US bettors.

How Do You Install an Ignition Poker on Windows?

Ignition Poker Australia offers a desktop poker App that allows players to access their poker accounts from their computers. Installing the App is easy and can be done in four easy steps.

Installing on Desktop Windows

  1. Log in to your betting account, select the Poker icon from the top of your dashboard, and click ‘Download Poker’.
  2. During the download, depending on if you are using Mac or Windows, you may be prompted for directions. Select the “Run/Install” option.
  3. The installer Will now install the desktop Poker App.
  4. When you open the App, select your game type, room, game, and limit, to begin your game.

You may find this poker room full of tricks and unique moves. Try the zone Poker which will allow you to play more hands more quickly, by rotating you to another table each time you fold.

Download Ignition Poker Australia and take it for a ride. You will find a steady flow of visitors and you won’t need to wait much before joining a table. The Ignition Poker download Windows App is now on your desktop, and you can play with passion.

How to Download Ignition Poker for Mac?

There is only one minor difference in installing on Mac. The prompt screen may not appear. If it does not, it will install automatically, and your software will appear once the process has ended.

Installing on Mac

  1. Log in to your betting account, select the Poker icon from the top of your dashboard, and click ‘Download Poker’.
  2. During the download, depending if you are using Ma, you may be prompted for directions. Select the “Run/Install” option
  3. The installer Will now install the desktop Poker App
  4. When you open the App, select your game type, room, game, and limit, to begin your game.

The Ignition Poker download Mac App is now on your desktop and you can play with passion.

Can You Play Ignition Poker on an Android Phone?

You can play Ignition Poker Australia on both Android and iOS-powered devices. The great news is that you won’t need to make a download. The Ignition Poker App is an instant play and will interact with any mobile device.

Open your mobile device and launch the Ignition Poker website into your browser.  Login to your account and select the poker icon. The instant play App will open and you can start playing. This means that there is no need for an Ignition Poker download Android App.

How to Play Ignition Poker?

To start playing Ignition Poker Australia, open the website and find the Ignition Poker login button. Once you have entered the website, choose the ‘Poker’ option from the upper left of your User Console. 

Select from the options that are displayed and start playing. 

One of the principal features of Ignition Casino is its amazing poker games. This is one of the best-represented poker sites when it comes to international players. This makes it easy to find active tables at all levels and in any choice of room, or tournaments. 

Tournaments are announced and scheduled ahead of time and you can always participate even if you are just joining.  Tournaments start on the hour every day. You can always buy into guaranteed prizes and cash rewards.

Most pots have an average tournament prize of over $2 million.  This makes it attractive with a high level of participation from all over the world.

Zone Poker is another of the special features that you can find at this betting site. One of the biggest benefits to you is the waiting time between hands. The Zone Poker reduces the time almost to zero by moving you to the next available one.

This means that each time you fold a hand, you will be moved to a new table. This makes the poker game exciting and you can meet many different players in any given game. 

Texas Hold’em: if you are a lover of this game, you are in for a treat. At Ignition Poker, the most played poker game is Texas Hold’em. However, if you are new to the game, or are not yet a player, this is a great place to get started or up your game. If you are looking for a great place to play poker with other active players, then the Ignition Poker Australia login is the best place to start.  Whether you are a high roller, a novice, or completely new to poker, you can easily better that today. Download Ignition Poker Australia App and have some fun.

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