How to Play Florida Jackpot Triple Play with Combo?

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On November 22, 2022, John Moon, 66, became the latest Florida Jackpot triple play winner. Moon walked away with the crowning prize of $2 million. The news flared up and more people purchased, hoping to land similar luck. Yet how do you play Florida Jackpot Triple play with combo?


The Florida lottery was launched on January 9, 1988, and Rebecca Paul was sworn in as its first Secretary general. The lottery made history by selling more than $98 million on its first day.  Starting with a simple scratch card game, the lottery evolved into the modern multi-facetual game played by millions today.

The Jackpot with Combo is one of Florida’s largest lotteries and based on the millions of players is also one of the biggest. They have paid out jackpots as big as $560 million.  Combo allows players to participate in all sequential drawings once they have made the first purchase.

This means that players will benefit from additional tickets for all three jackpot games in a single purchase. The jackpot combo tickets serve as quick picks for the next jackpot drawings’

How to Play the Florida Jackpot with Combo

When you are at the purchase window, have the clerk mark COMBO on your pay slip.  Play each line apart from each other, so that you may win a Jackpot triple Play prize. When you are finished, combine all your winning number matches and you could win a COMBO prize.

How Do You Play Jackpot Triple Play?

It is easy to play the jackpot triple play lottery. 

  1. You can start by choosing or Quick Picking your initial six numbers from 1 through 46. 
  2. Follow up with the second and third sets of numbers. In most cases, these numbers will be automatically a Quick Pick. 
  3. You will notice that each set of numbers prints out on its own line. You can win prizes for matching numbers from the line. 
  4. If you match three or more numbers from the same set to the winning numbers drawn, you are a winner.
  5. If you match all six numbers drawn, you will win the jackpot.

Winning a Combo

Winning a Combo may seem harder. However, it gives the player a 1 in 15.04 chance of hitting. There are three main differences between playing combo or just the triple jackpot.

  • In Combo, the player blends all three sets of six numbers (18), printed on the purchase slip to play.
  • To actually win a Combo prize, the player must have at least four or more numbers matching the drawn lottery numbers. The advantage is that this can be in any order, 
  • The pay slip must be for the draw date of the official lottery numbers.

How to Win the Jackpot Triple Play?

The odds of winning the Florida jackpot triple play are not amusing. Should most players stop to think about it, they would never buy. It has 1 to 3,122,000 possibilities. That’s incredible!

However, it can be won and has been won many times.

Players may win the lottery by matching three or more numbers on any one line of a lottery slip to the winning numbers drawn. It is more difficult than a combo since you must choose from six numbers and not eighteen. 

Point taken that there are 46 numbers that may be played. You only have six. This means that your lottery could be played without including any of your numbers at least 40 times!

Match all six numbers on any one line to the winning numbers drawn to win the jackpot. jackpot triple play winner prizes are pari-mutuel.

How Many Numbers Do You Need to Win the Florida Jackpot?

Six numbers. The jackpot drawing rolls out six numbers in each bid. If you bought a triple play combo, you can use all three pay slips. This increases your chance of winning.  Although you are still outnumbered by more than twice your numbers.

Once again, the lottery could draw its six winning numbers without picking any of your numbers. So, with just six numbers, your chances are farfetched. You can win smaller prizes by matching three, four, or five numbers on each lottery slip.

One of the beautiful and unique features of the Florida jackpot triple play is that if you match three to five numbers, your winning prize is then multiplied by the multiplier number on the back of your ticket.

If your six numbers match the six winning numbers drawn in the official Florida Lotto drawing for the date played, you win the jackpot. 

What are the advantages of Playing the Combo?

Playing the jackpot combo has its perks and hidden benefits. Here are just a few.

  • For just $1 more you get listed in all three drawings
  • You can match from 18 numbers instead of six.
  • You can match your numbers in any order.
  • Two of your Quick Pick are machine-generated and stand a better chance of winning.
  • Odds are just 1 to 15.04.
  • The jackpot triple play winning numbers may be selected from three slips.

What Are the Rules for Jackpot Triple Play Florida?

The rules governing the Florida Jackpot triple play are endless. However, there are four general rules that must be adhered to. The jackpot triple play numbers are the same as the combo drawings.

  1. Tickets must be bought at the lottery counter and carry a series multiplier at the back of the pay slip.
  2. Users must buy at least six numbers, 
  3. Must match at least three numbers to win a prize.
  4. Must match all six numbers to win the jackpot.
  5. The triple combo has a maximum of $2 million before being reduced for charity or prizes.
  6. The Jackpot triple play combo must purchase 18 numbers.

What Time Is the Jackpot Triple Play Drawing?

The Florida Jackpot Triple Play game holds its drawings every Tuesday and Friday at 11:15 PM Eastern Time. All purchases must be made before close time to qualify. Not all jackpot triple play Florida jackpot winners have made it to the news. Some have chosen to keep their Florida jackpot triple play payouts a secret.

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