A Guide to Poker Chip Color Values

If you’ve ever played poker before, then you’re probably familiar with the importance of poker chip color values. In this game, black, green, and white signify different monetary values. Here is a simple guide to understanding these colors. Just bear in mind that the white chips are typically less valuable than the other two, which is why they’re generally worth $1 or less. That being said though, in certain parts of California, it can also be given a value of $100. But if you’re playing in a casino and you tip your dealer with this chip, it’ll definitely be more valuable to them.


Black Color

Different colors of poker chips are used by casinos to keep track of their various denominations. Also known as tournament chips, these ones generally have higher denominations than others and may even bear the name of its host or event. These colors are often followed by most establishments when assigning value to different chips. Although some slight variations between each organization might exist.

Another factor that causes value discrepancy between different organizations is location. The numbers below however serve as a general guideline for the most common colors (5) and additional 13 colors (2 groups). Monetary value may vary across casinos but these lists represent what is typically obtainable.

Green Color

There are several colorful options when it comes to poker chips but the most commonly used scheme includes white, black and red colors. You can incorporate other shades based on personal preference if you wish so long as players understand its valuations prior to playing the game.

There’s a standard color scheme that determines poker chip values at many casinos but there are exceptions too. For example while some casinos use purple chips for $5s others prefer green for $25s.

White Color

Poker chips come in all sorts of colors with each having its own distinct value. The simplest ones include blue and white while more shades like green, purple and black also exists. To clarify, purple chips are the most valuable while pink ones hold the least value. Some other colors you will see include green, yellow and dark brown. Each has its own unique monetary worth and some casinos may use different color codes.

Stacking poker chips by color is important because it helps to differentiate values at a glance. Standard poker chip stacking involves separating chip values with their respective colors in stacks of 20 each. It is essential for players to determine the value of another player’s stack based on the appearance of its colors so that they can make accurate betting decisions and calculate odds. For example, when playing at home with friends, everyone follows similar color guidelines although larger home games may have more expansive choices.

Purple Color

Poker chips come in a variety of different exciting colors, all representing various amounts of money. Although blue chips are considered as having the highest value, purple ones follow closely behind as second most valuable. It could be worth anything between $500 – $5,000 depending on several factors including where they were purchased from. Certain colors are extremely rare though; an example being black casino issued chips found only in Las Vegas which were introduced because there were concerns that counterfeiters could use their own fake version of these popular gambling tokens to deceive unsuspecting patrons into losing a fortune while believing they hold legitimate ones within their possession!

Some casinos opt to use purple chips for high-stakes games. By and large, these chips are worth $500 or greater in these establishments. However, you’ll find that most poker chip sets lack purple ones. It’s a niche product that is used only in certain environments. Most cases, the chip denominations are baked into the game beforehand.

It’s in the cards

There’s no single determining factor behind what makes a poker chip valuable. Their value can depend on a few different things. First and foremost: how much they’re actually worth in money! This value is all up to the specific setting of each game though. The second factor is how much money was used to buy the poker chip itself, with darker blues being more expensive than lighter blues.

Not all poker chips were created equal — at least not on paper! Casinos assign their own values and colors depending on their ruleset for each game. For example, two Las Vegas resorts, The Bellagio and Aria, issue chips that are worth $100k each! These bad boys don’t get thrown around at just any table either; they’re generally saved for more exclusive baccarat games.

Yellow = caution

Knowing your colors becomes increasingly important as you play more poker games. Each color has its own predetermined value, which can be hard to remember when you’re playing fast-paced tournaments or have high-denomination chips floating around everywhere. When it comes down to it, using a preflop chart will help keep everything organized before the flop.

Standardized colors exist across many different casinos though. Green is usually used for $2/$5 games while purple is often seen at $25 tables. But don’t worry if those shades aren’t your favorites — there’s plenty out there too! Just be sure you’ve got them memorized before placing any big bets so you don’t make an expensive mistake..

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