Brand New Royal Poker by Ezugi

Streaming live from a state-of-the-art studio, this poker program is designed to offer a realistic experience that you will never find at other online poker sites. This poker program will give you the option to play live, call or fold, and draw extra cards. You can also buy a sixth card, and you will be given an additional option to buy insurance.


Buy a sixth card

Buying a sixth card is one of the many playing options available when playing Brand New Royal Poker by Ezugi. This is especially advantageous when you are in a draw for an open ended straight. The sixth card also helps you build a double Poker combo. This type of combination is considered to be a winning hand.

The goal of Royal Poker is to outsmart the dealer by getting a better five-card Poker hand. It is similar to Casino Hold’em, but there are unique additions. These include the chance to exchange cards for stronger hands and buying extra cards for the dealer.

In addition to these options, the dealer is also offered insurance. This means that if the dealer does not qualify for the hand, the player is still paid the Ante.


Having launched the first brand new game since the renowned Ultimate Sic Bo, Ezugi has announced the release of the Royal Poker. This game offers punters a variety of decisions to make while enjoying the thrills of live Casino Hold’em.

Royal Poker is a five-card Poker game played against the dealer. The goal of the game is to outclass the dealer by having a better hand. This is achieved by making individual decisions regarding stake sizes and other options.

Ezugi has launched a live Royal Poker game that is managed by experienced dealers. Streamed from its ground-breaking studio, the game gives punters the option to make a wide range of decisions.

Ezugi’s new live poker game combines a variety of features to deliver the most engaging and exciting experience possible. In addition to the standard poker rules, the game offers players the chance to purchase extra cards for the dealer, as well as insurance.

Streaming live from a state-of-the-art studio

Streaming live from a state of the art studio is the latest fad in the poker world. But if you are looking for a real live poker experience, you may want to check out PokerGO. They recently opened their first studio in Las Vegas. It will be home to the flagship Super High Roller Bowl, along with several other live-streamed tournaments. You can visit the new facility today and play in the first-ever live-streamed cash game. It’s free to enter and there are seats for up to 80 players.

The studio is also home to PokerGO’s small-field elite events. The first of these took place two days after the studio opened. There are also several side rooms and production areas that are off limits to the public. There’s also a bar and tastefully-designed bathrooms.

Reputation in Eastern and Central Europe

Unlike standard Poker, Royal Poker is a more exciting variant that is growing in popularity around the world. It is played against the dealer and gives players a chance to make multiple decisions during the game. In addition, players can purchase extra cards for the dealer to make stronger hands. This is a unique feature in the world of online poker.

Royal Poker originated in Eastern Europe and continues to grow in popularity in various parts of the world. Ezugi, a worldwide renowned provider of live dealer solutions, recently launched the game. This game will allow Ezugi to expand its offerings in a variety of new markets. The company has also recently been acquired by the Evolution Gaming Company. Ezugi’s reputation for offering a wide range of live dealer games is growing as it continues to expand into more regulated markets.

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