How to Win at Zynga Poker Games? Effective Poker Rules

zynga poker

Winning is always the aim of iGaming and at Zynga Poker Games, the thrills and adventure
continue. Visiting one of the largest gaming platforms online and hitting the jackpot is just about
the most common dream. Yet, how to you win at Zynga Poker games, and what are the effective
poker rules that they use?
Zynga Poker is a social poker game developed for Facebook but has since been used on many
platforms, including Myspace and Google+. The games that debuted in 2007, surprised the social
market, and by 2011 had become the world’s largest poker platform with over 38 million players.
Social gaming allows for interaction between players all over the world. Players can play against
the computer or each other. These games are usually created for adults and do not allow for
winning real money. Players can earn reward points or even share points with other users. Yet
social games do not allow gambling.


How to Earn Zynga Poker Free Chips?

Players may earn additional free chips and play longer in the tournaments or individual games.
You can begin to earn Zynga poker free chips by spinning the casino wheel. You will have one free
spin every four hours. If you start with one spin per day and make a streak, you will receive 100%
of your winnings. Likewise you can earn and win at Zynga poker game.

What is the Highest Level in Zynga Poker?

Zynga Poker game is played on different levels starting with the Rookie or beginner and ending
with World Champion. Each step on the ladder has four rankings and players must attain this level
of expertise to move to the next rank. This is different in the highest level in Zynga Poker, which is
World Champion.

The ranking levels are as follows

  1. World Champion: This is the final competition and is played among the top 500 players.
  2. Champion: This involves five levels with 100 players at each level of the game. The
    following levels are open to all players and have no limits as to the number of players.
  3. Master.
  4. Elite.
  5. Pro.
  6. Rookie

Free Zynga Poker Coins

In 2019, Zynga hired Brad Garrett to promote a sweepstake push by the company. The project
introduced a paid poker coin with which users could purchase poker chips to continue playing. The
move had positive effects and once again the company saw some profits. The promotion offers a
welcome bonus of 60,000.
Users may also qualify for free Zynga poker coins claiming their daily bonus of up to 45,000. These
bonuses are available for Texas Hold Them and users can participate in the Sit -n-Go tournaments
to earn more chips.

Zynga Poker Facebook

When your software is not your own, it can pose administrative and economic problems. In 2014,
the Zynga Poker Facebook platform was abruptly renovated by Facebook. The users were
disappointed and demanded the return of some of the original skins and game tables. They
wanted to keep having fun in what was their home.
Facebook paid little attention to this and the poker fans started to leave. By 2017, Zynga was
reporting a 3% loss, and the slide continued until 2018 when it was completely not profitable to
operate the poker games. They started firing staff and CEOs and developers left the brand. Yet, it
was not enough to break the slide.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the game recovered some grounds but blamed social casinos for
its reduced audience. Most critics relate the fault to abrupt changes and poor customer care. They
believe that if the developers had restored the older games in time, users would have stayed. The
decision by Facebook to stay the road has led to its demise.

Zynga Poker Free Chips 

In 2018, Zynga Poker partnered with Nascar in an attempt to recover players. They promoted a
Zynga free poker chip, available in their Texas Hold Them game. The move had some positive
impact and the firm recovered enough ground to report the social poker games as a part of its
revenues. This was still distant from the pre-2014 era.
Between 2007 and 2010, Zynga Poker was reeling in revenues of over $13 million per month. The
company flourished from worldwide users available in some 18 languages and every platform. The
game was played by both mobile and PC users, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and tablets.
The Zynga free poker chips may still be earned by making free wheel spins once every four hours.

Zynga Poker Texas Hold Them Online

Playing poker online has become synonymous with Zynga Games. The worldwide popularity of
social games now has over 290 million players, with some 22 million being mobile players. They
play Zynga poker Texas Hold Them online – mostly from their smartphone.
Online poker tournaments have also aided with the rebirth of Zynga Poker. After sponsoring many
of the WSOP tournaments, Zynga was able to retake some of its former popularity. The poker
tournaments highlighted the Facebook and Myspace-based platforms for user entrants and live
The Facebook platform continues to host the game but faces real competition from new live
casino and social casino games. These platforms allow winners to withdraw real money,
converting their virtual coins into their local currencies.

Social Challenges

Some of these social sites also offer poker games similar to Zynga and offer bigger bonuses. The
most compelling factor though is the reward of real money for playing. Other casinos offer more
games and include bingo which attracts older folks. Users receive huge welcome bonuses and do
not have to deposit to make a withdrawal.

Zynga Games was the pacesetter for free poker multiuser tables and rank-level tournaments. It
continues to attract worldwide users but has lost fertile market share to social casinos. It now
occupies only 6% of the social poker market, down from 83% in 2007.
We have all learned a valuable marketing lesson from this online poker giant. Client care is
essential to success even if it’s free games. Zynga has finally started to recover, and we hope to
continue enjoying its free poker games. This blog describes how to win at Zynga poker game, have fun.

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